Note — On Transitions

Transitions are busy times; I am in the middle of a rather big one. A quick note to explain my inactivity and encourage all to check back at a later time. I am currently in the middle of a transition between jobs, homes, and countries.

For the past year, I have been living in Knoxville, Tennessee and working for Cruze Computer Systems with some excellent coworkers. My work there was varied and provided huge opportunities for learning and growth. A majority of the projects listed in my portfolio were created for Cruze’s clients and, in many cases, in conjunction with coworkers (who developed the back-end of the projects). Cruze is a relatively small company, which allows them to truly create unique and specialized solutions for all of their clients; this allowed me also, to play a large role in all of the projects we worked on. I was the first creative at Cruze and I was able to introduce a somewhat different way of thinking to many of the projects. My role initially was simply as a designer: making things look nice. But as I began working on projects, I was able to greatly expand my role and work not only in graphic and web design, but also in UI and UX design. I also had the benefit of being the resident HTML/CSS expert.

But my time at Cruze was initially designed to be somewhat short-term. As listed on my main page, I studied German (the language, history, and culture) while at Furman and developed a great love for the country—particularly Berlin. And so, as a full year at Cruze came to a close, I found myself looking back overseas. I have now left my full-time duties at Cruze Computers (though I will continue working with them on a freelance basis) and am preparing for a flight to Berlin to begin work (provided all the paperwork for a Visa comes through) for an awesome little company in Kruezberg named Softgarden where I will be working as a UX Designer.

Given the amount of preparation involved in moving to another country, I have had less time than I would wish to contribute to this blog. As the transition period shortly comes to a close, I hope to reignite the flame of progress here and begin contributing more and more. I hope anyone reading this will come back again to look for posts on various things relating to design, the internet, and technology. I may occasionally post some pictures as well :)

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